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With a highly skilled group of engineers, Petrofam can design and direct the production of process systems, no matter how complex project. Each project is assigned a dedicated Project Management Group consisting of a Project Manager, Project Engineer, and project Team to manage each project from start to finish.

The Project Manager (PM) oversees all aspects of project’s needs, serving as single point of contact. Project Engineer (PE) acts as the liaison between the PM and the project facets. Finally, project Team works with precision to create “engineered-to-order” packages, fulfilling all necessary specifications that will meet or exceed Clients requirements.
All project activities are maintained by a dedicated Petrofam scheduler in a consolidated Project Schedule. Each project schedule is updated by management staff during the meeting. The meeting minutes are recorded/saved and expedited by Project Engineers.

Overall Project Management Concept

The project will be executed based on the following management concept:

  • Perform a Project Task Force at Petrofam Head Office with the responsibility of the overall project execution.
  • Assign qualified personnel with experience in similar projects
  • Keep close communication with the Client
  • Fully utilize the offices and affiliates for purchasing, expediting, inspection and shipping arrangements
  • Perform the quality assurance and safety program
  • Establish and utilize constructability program at the early stage of the project execution

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Petrofam is a leading provider of production solutions. We design, manufacture/supply, and market the world's most reliable process packages, equipment, parts and bulk materials with close cooperation of most well known companies as our joint venture and strategic partners.