Slug Catcher

Slug catchers play a vital role in natural gas pipelines; these systems often contain significant amounts of liquids that can damage related equipment. A slug catcher is designed to allow expansion of the gas stream, slowing the velocity and providing a settling area for the liquids. At Petrofam we specialize in the design and fabrication of slug catchers. Our team of experienced engineers, fabricators, and pipe fitters are professionals with an in-depth understanding of the intricacies of slug catchers.

Slug catchers are available in three configurations: single barrel horizontal, finger harp style, or double barrel harp style. Each has characteristics designed for specific applications. Double barrel harp style slug catchers are designed for applications where there are high gas flow rates and potentially large slugs. They also provide an alternative to designing a large buffer vessel.
Single barrel horizontal slug catchers are designed for small particle separation (10 microns) in applications where there is more liquid and lower gas flow. They are best suited as 3 phase separators, and provide good separation.
Finger Type slug catchers provide an economical way to catch large slugs. Designed for high volume applications (thousands of barrels), they give predictable particle separation in sizes of 50 microns and up. Because of their size, these slug catchers are fabricated in sections, and field assembled. In cases where field assembly and B31.8 type construction is allowed.
A system designed and manufactured by Petrofam is engineered with characteristics specifically suited for each unique application requirements. Petrofam employs seasoned engineers and fabricators, and utilizes advanced fabrication processes to ensure a superior product

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