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The dehydration system with use of glycol solution is a key process of well- stream oil and gas processing. Some of dehydration systems are included:

  •  Glycol-Gas Dehydrator ( TEG )
  • Dry-Desiccant-Gas Dehydrator ( Silica Gel )
  • Liquid Dehydrator ( Ethane & Propane )
  • CO2 Dehydrator
  • Molecular Sieve Dehydrator
  • Heater-Desander
  • Vertical Flow Horizontal Treater

Petrofam has the knowledge and experience to meet the exacting dehydra­tion requirements of oil and gas producers. Petrofam dehydrators are designed and fabricated to meet the customer's specific needs, while keeping investment and operating costs to a minimum.

Petrofam manufactures dehydration systems that efficiently remove water vapor from natural gas and oil. These advanced systems utilize an innovative "Bubble Cap Tray”; this very efficient process provides superior dehydration characteristics. These systems consist of a contactor (tower), glycol regenerator, glycol pumps, heat exchanger, filters, and a scrubber/separator assembly. All of these components except the towers are assembled on one skid, and include all piping and instrumentation. The towers are installed on-site.

Typical designs include:

  • Glycol Dehydrator with 2-phase or 3-phase inlet separator. This dehydrator is used for simple applications with free water and some oil or condensate present in the well stream.
  • Combination 3-phase water bath production unit/glycol dehydrator. This combination unit is used in ap­plications in which the well has a high shut-in pressure and produces both free water and oil or condensate. These units usually include pressure control and metering facilities for on site custody transfer.
  • Combination separator-treater production unit/glycol dehydrator. This combination unit is used in applica­tions in which the well has moderate shut-in pressure and produces moderate quantities of oil and water with the oil and water being difficult to separate. Petrofam can include the stabilization feature in the separa­tor-treater for cases of extreme separation difficulties.
  • Combination coalescing filter/glycol dehydrator. This unit is commonly used downstream of compressors in either wellhead or central delivery point (CDP) applications. A coalescing filter separator is installed up­stream of the absorber in order to coalesce any lube oils present in the natural gas. Removing the lube oil prior to dehydration keeps the glycol from becoming contaminated, thus eliminating operational problems. In the CDP application, an inlet slug receiver is used upstream of the compressor to contain and discharge liquids during pigging operations. Metering facilities are commonly used on this dehydration package.

All of Petrofam dehydration units are designed so that all peripheral equipment is packaged on one skid. All piping is tested and all controls are preset to keep customer installation and operating costs to a minimum.

A system designed and manufactured by Petrofam is engineered with characteristics specifically suited for each unique application requirements. Petrofam employs seasoned engineers and fabricators, and utilizes advanced fabrication processes to ensure a superior product.

Dehydration & Treating system can be provided as a complete package including piping, instrumentation/ electrical and valving requirements considering Client Specifications


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