Flare Package


Petrofam works in conjunction with many of the leaders in the field of flare systems and our scope encompasses FEED, feasibility studies, process design, sizing, engineering and turnkey EPIC execution of elevated and ground flare systems. These are all based on individual process specifications, project and local site conditions.

 Our range of products includes the following:

  • Flare tips (VFH, steam injection, sonic, multi stage, air assist)
  • Smokeless Flaring
  • Elevated Flares
  • Ground Flares (enclosed flares, burn pits)
  • Retractable multi stack flares
  • Derrick supported flares
  • Self supporting flares
  • Gutted flares
  • Ignition systems (HE, FFG)
  • Flare stacks
  • Auxiliary stacks
  • Auxiliary equipment such as KO drums, molecular seals, flame and smoke monitoring and ACWL

A system designed and manufactured by Petrofam is engineered with characteristics specifically suited for each unique application requirements. Petrofam employs seasoned engineers and fabricators, and utilizes advanced fabrication processes to ensure a superior product


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About Us

Petrofam is a leading provider of production solutions. We design, manufacture/supply, and market the world's most reliable process packages, equipment, parts and bulk materials with close cooperation of most well known companies as our joint venture and strategic partners.