Heaters Equipment & Package


 Petrofam design and manufacturer various styles of heaters either as individual heaters, complete packages or incorporated into other process equipment modules:

  •  Indirect fired heaters with single or multi-pass removable coils.
  • Indirect fired heaters with or without separators.
  • Salt bath heaters.
  • Direct or indirectly fired heat medium heaters.

Heaters can be designed using a variety of heat transfer mediums such as water/ethylene glycol, triethylene glycol and various heat transfer oils. Depending on client requirements we offer a variety of options including:

  • Natural draft or forced draft style fired burners
  • Fire tube expansion joints to allow for excessive thermal forces
  • Special materials for fire tubes in severe
  • Turbulators to increase efficiency.
  • Heaters with multiple fire tubes

A system designed and manufactured by Petrofam is engineered with characteristics specifically suited for each unique application requirements. Petrofam employs seasoned engineers and fabricators, and utilizes advanced fabrication processes to ensure a superior product. Heaters can be provided as a complete package including piping, instrumentation/ electrical and valving requirements considering Client Specifications

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Petrofam is a leading provider of production solutions. We design, manufacture/supply, and market the world's most reliable process packages, equipment, parts and bulk materials with close cooperation of most well known companies as our joint venture and strategic partners.